Original Designs

Watkins Stained Glass Studio has been creating stained glass windows in Colorado since 1868 utilizing the traditional expert master craftsmanship that has been passed down through the centuries. Eight generations of Watkins craftsmen have specialized in custom original designs.

These custom stained glass windows reflect a variety of subject matter and styles of stained and leaded glass windows installed in homes, churches, mausoleums, businesses, schools, hotels, courthouses and state capitols. All the stained glass windows are the finest original designs, made with the finest quality European hand blown antique and domestic glass and fabricated with the finest quality master craftsmanship. These custom stained glass fabrications are exquisite one-of-a-kind works of fine art to be enjoyed by all in homes and public places for many generations.

Artistic Excellence

The Custom stained glass windows on this page cover a variety of stained glass styles from large architectural art glass to finely painted stained glass figures. These windows have followed the famous art works of Millet, Fanning, Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright for inspiration. The Studio is always very pleased to create fine custom windows for residential, business or ecclesiastical stained glass needs. Watkins Stained Glass Studio has brought this medieval craft to perfection and is dedicated to stained glass creations of beauty, longevity and quality. They are one of the oldest studios in the country and proud to be Colorado’s oldest, finest and most respected stained glass studio in the Rocky Mountain area.

With more than two centuries of experience, the Watkins family’s commitment to artistic excellence, superb quality and longevity are of extreme importance, whether the custom order is for a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window, a Peacock Tiffany stained glass window or a clear beveled window, you can be assured you will have a unique, original stained glass work of art.


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